Young Professional (Masterclass Testing - April 2017) Sogeti Belgium Brussel


With a staff of around 1,100, Sogeti BeLux holds a prominent position in the IT services sector in Belgium, and is the main provider of IT services in Luxembourg. Sogeti BeLux is part of the Sogeti group, which employs over 20,000 IT professionals around the world. We provide a broad range of IT services in four lines of business (Infrastructure/Cloud, Security, Digital and Testing). As diligent business partners, we endeavour to provide solutions suited to our clients' needs. Our staff members' passion for IT, skills and professionalism are highly valued by our clients. We take pride in our staff's commitment and help them in every way we can to achieve their career objectives. Thanks to many years of expertise in Testing we are a market leader, not only in Belgium and Luxembourg but also globally. Via you can learn more about our methods for structured testing: TMap NEXT® and TPI NEXT®, which are applied worldwide.

Are you interested in a job as IT consultant ?
Then Sogeti has a great opportunity for you to be trained as a TESTER !

After an intensive and thorough training program which covers all main aspects of your job as a test engineer (TMap NEXT® - our Test Management approach, Agile testing, Test tools and automation, soft skills training) in a practical way, you are well prepared and able to work in projects at our clients' sites as a Test Engineer where you will collaborate with the customer to perform and organize structured testing of different information systems.


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